Automation & Control

Here at Control Technology we value quality, and we know our customers do as well; that’s why at Control Technology we go above and beyond to offer customizable products produced from high quality parts and respectable brands. We use brands such Allen Bradley, Omron and Siemens for their reliability and notoriety in the industry. We’ll go the extra mile to ... (read more)

BOP Systems

Control Technologys’ BOP division has existed since day 1 and has been the foundation and driving force behind our company. Due to the longevity of our BOP division our staff has accumulated over 100 years of combined experience, as well; a third of our 24 man staff has experience with extensive field work. [Click here for Service page]. Our BOP ... (read more)

Control Systems

The Control Technology Control Systems (Accumulator) group offers a wide variety of services dealing with the oil, gas and drilling rig sectors. Our accumulators are designed to comply with ERCB directives and the Canadian Association of Drilling Contractors’s (CAODC) recommended practices; as well, Control Technologys’ Control Systems group is a member of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and designs and ... (read more)

Valve Sales

No matter what valve or manifold needs you might have, Control Technologies Valve division is here to help. With a full inventory of valves, seats and seals, an in-house machinist, in-house paint bay, acid bath and the ability to pressure test up to 15,000 PSI there’s almost nothing that our valve division cannot do for you. We readily keep on-hand ... (read more)