BOP Systems

Control Technologys’ BOP division has existed since day 1 and has been the foundation and driving force behind our company. Due to the longevity of our BOP division our staff has accumulated over 100 years of combined experience, as well; a third of our 24 man staff has experience with extensive field work. [Click here for Service page].

Our BOP staff hosts a variety of educated workers, including a millwright, 3 XRF certified employees and a NDE Department with two ticketed CGSB level 2 personnel. Control Technology strives to produce the highest quality product in the world, our BOP division is no different and as such the BOP management and CTI quality groups have worked aggressively to get our BOP division an API Q1 Quality Management System in an on-going effort to improve quality standards across our BOP division.

Control Technology has equipped it’s BOP shop with numerous pieces of equipment to better serve a wider variety of customers with a variety of needs, including: Parent Metal Identification and Hardness testing equipment for NACE verification, a 10 and 15 ton crane, 2 jib cranes (1 and 3 ton), 2 accumulators for testing (154 gal and 88 gal), 3 pressure test units, an enclosed paint bay with fire suppression system, micrometers and calipers for measuring up to 40”.