BOP Sales

If it is a new BOP you require, Control Technology has new & remanufactured BOP’s for RS, Horn Equipment, Control Flow, and the refurbishment of other brands as they become available.

The RS brand is manufactured to Control Technologies rigid specification’s and high-quality standards which includes being designed and built to imperial measurements. Control Technology has delivered more than 18,000 units for over 21 years; globally, all of which have provided complete satisfaction for the client.

All BOP’s sold by Control Technology are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, assembled and tested by Control Technology prior to delivery. Following completion of each pre-delivery inspection, an Identification Plate is attached to each BOP stating the BOP Size, BOP working pressure, BOP trim, BOP serial number, inspection work order number, and inspection date. A corresponding Certification document for each BOP is provided to the customer at time of delivery. No product leaves the premises without meeting our stringent quality standards.

Control Technology is a Registered API Q1 company. The Scope of this Specification includes the (Service, Repair and Remanufacture of Surface Mounted BOP’s) without Exclusions. Registration No. 0326.