AH System

  • Utilizes a clean, dry air source, an air panel, interconnect hoses and air actuators to provide remote function of BOP/HCR control valves and/or pressure regulators.
  • The Air Remote Station will include a panel frame, an air filter/lubricator assembly, a master supply valve, and the required number of remote function (manipulator) valves for each BOP/HCR control valves and air-operated regulator adjustment in the Control Manifold. This panel may also include hydraulic gauges to provide indication for Accumulator, Manifold and/or Annular Pressures.
  • Each BOP/HCR control valves in the Control Manifold will include an air-operated actuator to provide remote function of each control valve.
  • One or both pressure regulating valves may include an air-operated failsafe adjustment for remote adjustment of the pressure regulator(s).
Sept 17, 2008 007