EH System

Electric-over-Hydraulic (E/H)

  • E/H Remote systems utilize an electric-operated Remote (Driller’s) Panel to function electro-hydraulic solenoids contained within a Main Junction Box. The solenoids in the Main Junction Box operate the hydraulic actuators mounted on the control valves and/or pressure regulator(s) in the Control Manifold. E/H Remote systems may incorporate either compressed air or regulated hydraulic pressure as an operating medium in the solenoids.
  • The E/H Remote (Driller’s) Panel contains a master (hold-to-operate) pushbutton, remote function pushbuttons, valve position indicator lights, electric pressure meters and additional optional features to provide remote function of the BOP/HCR control valves and/or pressure regulators in the Control Manifold.
  • The E/H Junction Box contains an inlet hydraulic filter, a master supply solenoid, remote function solenoids, valve position pressure switches and electric pressure transducers.
  • Each BOP/HCR control valve in the Control Manifold will include a hydraulic-operated actuator to provide remote function of each control valve.
  • One or both pressure regulating valves in the Control Manifold may include an air-operated or hydraulic-operated failsafe actuator for remote adjustment of these pressure regulator(s).
  • The E/H Remote system includes a programmable logic controller PLC installation.