Valve Sales

No matter what valve or manifold needs you might have, Control Technologies Valve division is here to help. With a full inventory of valves, seats and seals, an in-house machinist, in-house paint bay, acid bath and the ability to pressure test up to 15,000 PSI there’s almost nothing that our valve division cannot do for you. We readily keep on-hand all valves 2”-3”, our vendor relations allows us to bring in any other size you may need.

Control Technologies Valve division is a Valveworks Canadian service centre and as such builds and services all valves and manifolds to a API-6A standards. While our valve division doesn’t specifically hold the license we believe in quality and honor the relationship we have with Valve works, as such we hold our selves to the same standards.

We’d love to show you the quality of our workmanship, our great customer service and speedy production times. You can directly reach our shop at 1-403-885-0039 or by clicking [HERE], which will take you to our quote page and allow you to email our sales team directly..