Accumulator (Control Systems)+

Our Control Systems division hosts a plethora of professionals certified and prepared to meet you on site for any repair imaginable. We host a group of experienced tubers, hydraulics experts and many other niche filling personal. If you’re experiencing trouble with your control system, YOU can count on CTI having a man there 24/7/365 to repair or provide on-site guidance. Such services include, but are not limited to: Bladder replacement, bottle replacement, re-tubing, re-hosing, valve replacement.

*We also host a group of Electricians for all your Touch screen, push-button panels, motor and junction box needs, please see *Automation and Control*.*

Blow-out Preventers+

Our BOP servicemen are the most experienced in their division and with access to a plethora of parts we guarantee a swift resolution to your problems. We have access to thousands of OEM and aftermarket replacement parts, 8 extremely experienced servicemen and a fleet of service trucks, including a picker truck capable of transporting small service/drilling rig BOPs (7 1/16” 3000/5000#W.P. or 9” 3000W.P. BOPs). Our field services include: Seal replacement, inside hardwear replacement/dressing, on-site minor dimension measuring, and annular element changes (including split element changes in emergency situations where pipe may not be removed from hole), ram block changes, ram rubber changes, setting of POSlocks type BOPs and Post Job Servicing.

*In the event that welding or machining is required or if your BOP suffers an uncontrolled kick/blowout the BOP can be sent into our shop for proper repairs.

In case of recertification needs please click [HERE]

Automation and Control+

Control Technology hosts a group of extremely skilled electricians and technicians with years of experience dedicated to the design and needs of our control systems. Heading up our Automation department is a master electrician with decades of experience in the business, under him is a handful of journeymen electricians with thousands of hours of experience in the field. Services included, but not limited to: Maintenance, troubleshooting, training and installation of new product.

*Also worth noting, our technicians build our PLC programs in-house and are available to answer any questions you may have concerning operation.*

Valve Group+

Control Technologies Valve Division offers a wide array of in-house services for all makes and sizes of both Valves and Manifolds.